Friday, January 03, 2014

Layers of Time

Layers of Time
Re-purposed vintage wool blankets, vintage lace doilies, linen damask table linens, and new silk.  Completely worked by hand with hand embroidery, layering methods, and hand quilted.  2013, 92" x 92"

The final meditation panel of the Manitoulin Circle Project.  These four large panels were made by hand by Judy Martin with assistance from the wider community of Manitoulin Island. These are slow art that involved over 140 different pairs of hands, with about two dozen regular participants every week for four years. 

The titles of the four panels refer to the nurturing of our environment and memory.  The vintage fabrics in all of the panels refer to domestic ritual.

The panels are intended to be hung in the sanctuary of the Little Current United Church in 2014.  They are united by the circle in square imagery and by the use of white, a celebratory liturgical colour.

Photos of the four panels were taken by Klaus Rossler while the exhibition entitled Mended World was installed in the Thunder Bay Art Gallery september 13 - october 27, 2012.

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