Thursday, July 31, 2014

Yin Yin

Yin Yin is a two sided quilt.
Not large - about 34 inches wide, 27 inches high
hand stitched completely
Made in 2013
Reverse applique dot technique - the back of the dots showing rough on the linen side, the front of the dots neatly finished on the white wool side.
Both sides are the right side.  Both sides are the wrong side because the piece was quilted with the linen side facing up - the back of the quilting is the white side.
Yin Yin is the title because there is no Yang in this piece.
plant dyed linen, procion dyed velvet, white silk-wool gauze, red button thread and red silk embroidery floss around the edges.

Yin Yin was juried into Visions in San Diego 2014.  It won the Friends of Fiber art award.  A  catalogue was published.

Number 96