Sunday, December 09, 2012

starry night

 plant dyed wool and silk, shibori markings,
38" wide, 43" high, embroidered and quilted by hand


number 89 

Thursday, October 11, 2012

silver water

Silver Water , indigo dyed linen, shibori markings, hand quilted twice, once with sewing thread and again with embroidery floss, 15 inches wide, 35 inches long
 It reminds me of the way the lake looks at night, with a full moon's shine.
 The reverse: procion dyed cotton lower section, procion dyed rayon top section, hand quilted with sewing thread and embroidery floss,  a cotton batt.
Tucks on both front and back.  Layered seams.  Two sides.
Gifted to daughter Grace in October 2012 to celebrate so many things.  Her great job, her new apartment, her engagement to Asan.

Made in 2012.  
Number eighty eight.

Saturday, March 24, 2012


This small quilt is a liturgical piece.

It was designed to hang in front of the pulpit in the Little Current United Church, Manitoulin Island.

Judy studied Liturgical Embroidery in 2009.

This piece is the first of the Manitoulin Circle Project - a community sewing circle that is creating four large meditation panels that will eventually hang in the church's sanctuary.

Foundation hand pieced, free-cut. Each small piece of cloth is unique.

recycled damask table napkins and silk
completed in 2011

number eighty seven

Saturday, February 18, 2012

the house with the golden windows: north wall

We lived in Kenora, North Western Ontrio for ten years in a narrow two story brick house on a quiet street. In our back yard we had tall maple trees. There was a lane.

It was the only time that I have ever lived in a town.

I studied fine art through Lakehead University at the time. The professors would come to Kenora from Thunder Bay every two weeks. Our classes were on alternate weekends.

During the last two years, my friend Barbara Sprague and I would drive to Thunder Bay for conferences with our professors. I made this house for my graduate exhibition.

At the 1994 convocation, I was awarded the chancellor's medal for the highest marks of any part time student that year. We did not attend the ceremony. By then, we were already living on Manitoulin Island.

number eighty six