Tuesday, July 05, 2011

April Lily

A baby quilt for my youngest child, April Anne. Born in April, 1987. Entirely hand pieced and quilted.

number eighty four

log cabin flip

This is a string quilt made one block at a time. The batting and backing are layered, and then the logs are built up by stitching with machine, then flipping flat and stitching further logs. Log cabin blocks begin at the central square, usually red. Dark and light logs make up the strong design and with this method, the quilting just happens as the block is stitched. The blocks are joined afterwards by hand.

This quilt is now used at our cottage on one of the single beds in the new guest cabin.
number eighty three

Storm at Sea

I made this quilt for my husband's brother Tom and his new wife Margaret in 1988 as a wedding gift. It is from a collection of blue scraps in my collection, plus some new fabrics. I followed a pattern I found in Judy Martin's book Scrap Quilts.

Many people still think that I am the Judy Martin who wrote all those wonderful quilt pattern books but I am not her. I would reccomend her books however, as they are excellent resources for traditional piecework patterns.

number eighty two

Frank's Quilt

There was a period when I was trying to use up all my scraps. In this quilt, I sorted my printed fabrics into darks and lights, and pieced one of each square together. When arranged, they formed a new pattern, as yet un named.
I gave the quilt to my new nephew Frank in 1989.

number eighty one