Friday, November 03, 2006

The House with the Golden Windows: West Wall

metallic fabric, magazine papers, thread, dyed artist canvas, machine stitch and hand stitch, 1993, installation

Ned had already moved to Manitoulin when I stitched this house in 1992 and 93. It's an idealized replica of our house in Kenora

Feathers are stitched into the West wall's golden metallic fabric windows. A beautiful and most traditional quilting stitch.

The papers on the outside wall are from home decorating magazines. They have been arranged as sunshine and shadow, a beautiful and traditional quilt pattern.

the inside west wall
silk and cotton fabrics, buttons, cotton quilt batt, machine sewing threads, embroidery threads and beads, photographs. 1993
This piece measure about 5 feet across and 6 feet high if you count the thread fringe.

Every day during the year 1990, I stood at one of the windows in my house and took a photo. The photos from the west windows show our neighbour's house and yard.

solar images
chain stitch

The west symbolizes middle age, dusk, autumn...all those cyclical things.

twenty four

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